Records Management Services

Elmwood Records Center delivers products and services that enable organizations to manage paper and digital documents on-site and off-site throughout their entire life-cycle.

We provide services that enable you to know:

  • What information or business records you have in any medium
  • Where they are located
  • How to find them when you need them
  • When to get rid of them

This is the essence of Life-Cycle Management

Records management services range from physical records storage and secure document shredding to digital document services and scan on-demand file delivery. Elmwood Records Center’s concierge document management services provide only what you need but can grow to meet your future records and information management needs.
Our cutting-edge technology, combined with Elmwood Records Center’s document management services, improves efficiency and accuracy while lowering costs. Elmwood Records Center helps companies manage the increasing volumes of their records while controlling and gaining strategic value from them.
Elmwood Records Center is your local records management provider.

Concierge Services

"No request too large, no detail too small"
  • Use of conference room
  • Copy and fax services at hand
  • Access to telephone conferencing
  • Free wi-fi
  • Business work stations
  • Free coffee, water, and fresh-baked cookies every day
  • Audit verification room available
  • Food and beverage catering available
  • Packaging and shipping services
  • Secretarial services arranged
  • U-Haul trucks and trailers arranged
  • Hotel and restaurant reservations made
  • Private transportation services/airport pickup and delivery arranged
  • Lunch and Learns
  • After-hours events arranged at the facility
  • Private bank boxes arranged for valuable items
  • Private wine cellar storage arranged